Frequently Asked Questions


 What are the symptoms of a broken gearbox?

Any unusual noises such as crunching or whining, smells such as burning, fluid leaking from the gearbox, jumping out of gear, or the gearbox feeling somehow different to normal can all be signs that a gearbox needs attention.  In newer vehicles there may also be a dashboard warning light.  It's important to get your gearbox checked as soon as you notice an issue, to avoid an increased expenditure in the future.   

What types of gearboxes do you repair/recondition/sell?

We deal with all types of manual transmissions for most makes and models of cars and vans/minibuses.  

Can you remove and refit my gearbox?

Unfortunately not, we only work on the gearbox once it has been removed from the vehicle.  If you contact us on 01902 608865 we can make recommendations for garages in the area who will be able to assist.  

Can you fit me a new clutch at the same time as repairing my gearbox?

Unfortunately at this time we do not fit clutches.  

Can you give me a price prior to bringing my gearbox to you?

We can give you a rough estimate depending on the symptoms your gearbox is showing.  We can never give an exact price until we have stripped your gearbox and diagnosed it properly.  We never charge for stripping and diagnosing a unit, and there is never any obligation to go ahead with work once you've received our final price.  

Can I stay while my gearbox is stripped?

Absolutely! We welcome customers to stay so that we can explain and show you exactly what work needs to be carried out - this way you have peace of mind that you're receiving exactly what you're paying for.  We can also supply photos and/or videos of damage/replaced parts etc on request if you're unable to stay.    

Do you sell reconditioned gearboxes?

We do, these can all be found on our eBay shop, accessible via this link:- All of our reconditioned units are available on an exchange basis. Please note that if you do not have a return unit, or if the unit has a cracked/damaged case then a surcharge will apply.  Please contact us for details of surcharge amounts as they vary between gearboxes.

Do you work on Automatic Transmissions/Gearboxes?

Unfortunately we don't.  However if you contact us on 01902 608865 we can make recommendations for other companies that deal with this.  

Do you repair or sell driveshafts? 

No.  We can recommend somewhere to you if you'd like to contact us on 01902 608865.  
Are you VAT registered?

Yes.  Our VAT registration number is 323 3491 23

What forms of payment do you accept?

At present we accept the following:

  • Cash
  • Cheques (please make payable to Get-Gear Transmissions Ltd)
  • Paypal/eBay
  • Card Payment - we accept most forms of debit and credit card, both over the phone and in person at our office.  
  • Bank transfer - please contact us for our bank details

I'm responsible for fleet maintenance - can you assist me/our company with vehicle gearbox requirements?

We can! Contact us on 01902 608865 for a no obligation discussion - we can save you both time and money on your fleet maintenance.  

Where are you based?

We are based in Willenhall in Frederick William Street.  Our postcode for SatNav purposes is WV13 1NE.  

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